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Helping professional and aspiring professional singers build beautiful, dependable, career ready voices

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Goalus Vocal Studio by Abhilasha Rudrabatla

Thorough, nuanced and solution driven voice education 

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"She is truly a hidden gem that I hope singers all over the world have the opportunity to learn from."

Bhavika Kapoor, Singer


The Complete Singer Toolkit



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"Complete Singer Toolkit" is the most comprehensive vocal technique program in the Indian market. It offers you the opportunity to explore in incredible depth, the root cause of and solutions to your unique vocal challenges. It has been meticulously crafted to be your go-to, all-inclusive resource. Everything you need to elevate your vocal abilities is right here.


Helping you elevate your singing voice to the strongest and most dynamic shape it has ever been in.


This program is for intermediate to advanced level vocalists. You are ready for the Complete Singer Toolkit if you are serious about:

  • elevating to your personal best as a professional vocalist or aspiring professional or as a singing enthusiast.

  • building a free, strong, resilient voice and overcoming your vocal limitations.

  • developing the knowledge base to grow your voice for the rest of your life.

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that make the Complete Singer Toolkit so effective

Know how your vocal instrument operates and identify the root cause of your vocal limitations.

Understand what it takes to care for and grow your voice for the rest of your life

World class information on breath and singing technique that will transform your voice on consistent application.

Combination of video lessons, weekly live sessions, personalized practise routines, community of amazing singers and much more.

Hi, I'm Abhilasha!

And here's why I love doing what I do:

Back in law school, I began to feel a growing desire to step away from the legal profession for good. I was not cut out for it and I felt a compulsive need to give music a serious shot. But a 5 year break from singing left my voice in terrible shape. I was under the impression that I had wasted away my talent and lost my singing voice forever.

In my initial days of struggling with voice recovery, I was advised to sing for 45-60 mins, every single day. But when I began to do that, a serious vocal fatigue problem began to emerge. The more I practised, the more tired and weak my voice got. It would take 2-3 days to recover from every practise session. 10 years of classical training left me with no perspectives on how to overcome this.

I relentlessly continued searching for a way to heal my voice. And that's when I discovered the world of voice coaching and pedagogy and IT CHANGED EVERYTHING. Over time, with the help of my coaches, I was able to revive and grow my voice to the best form it has ever been in. 

Goalus Vocal Studio is my way of bringing the highest standard of vocal education to singers because I know how difficult it is to find high quality help. I LOVE creating this body of work. My students consistently report greater freedom and ease of singing and an elevation in their singing. They are out of the dark and are bosses of their own voices. Many of my students have successfully established professional careers as vocalists and revived their voices after long breaks.

Click here to see my singing transformation.

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Shout out to Abhilasha for the great vocal lessons so far! If you're looking for an instructor who knows her stuff and is really invested in your progress, she's the one! 

Mehul Fadnavis, Musician

Ease into the Goalus Method through the Youtube channel!

Yash Verma, Singer and Engineer

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Abhilasha has a very unique teaching method. You will quickly see an improvement in your vocal ability. I highly recommend her if you want to reach your maximum potential

Stuff singers should know-- on my Instagram page

Words like intrigued, enterprising and focused are just a few of the many adjectives that aptly describe Abhilasha who is ever so passionate about music and voice. As a voice student, she would do her own bit of research that would add value to what my teachings offered. Her drive to set up her own venture comes from the mindset or should I say the “heartset” of one who works from a place of love, with an urge to nurture those who will soon be treading the path she took a few years ago, and handhold them lovingly through it. I wish her all the best as she explores the musical road that awaits her.


RT Divya, Founder, VoxCoach 

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