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Helping singers and other intensive voice users access their best voice


Voice coach

Vocal coach

voice training.    vocal training.  improve singing. vocal teacher near me

Voice coach

Vocal coach

voice training.    vocal training.  improve singing. vocal teacher near me

Goalus Vocal Studio offers professional voice coaching to voice users of all levels. Our clients range from professional singers, actors and radio artists to singing enthusiasts who wish to develop their voice to achieve a more polished sound. We also work with voice actors, teachers, therapists, performers and anybody else who is looking to grow and prepare their voice for intensive use. 

We prepare our clients to care for their voice and develop it even after the end of the course period. Clients leave with an understanding of the workings of the voice and the breathing mechanism, simple yet highly effective exercises to develop better vocal conditioning and strength, and insight into their bodily reflexes and vocal habits. We offer the client one on one care and attention. 

Goalus Kids is for teaching Western Music (Vocals) to children between the ages of 5-15. Our classes are fun, well rounded and extremely engaging. We believe in uplifting your child and making them love music! For more information, schedule a free consultation.

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Voice coach

Vocal coach

voice training.    vocal training.  improve singing. vocal teacher near me


Get to know your vocal instrument thoroughly and elevate your voice.

1. Learn to develop predictability and dependability in your voice- make friends with your voice.

2. Overcome mind blocks and limiting ideas around singing.

3. Develop body awareness and learn to let go of unnecessary tension for pain free singing and vocal stamina.

4. Feel improvement in virtually every facet of your voice- from tone, stamina, freedom to improved power, dynamic control, range and much much more.


Understand what it takes to grow your voice for the rest of your life

There is no threshold on how much the vocal apparatus can be honed! Much like the rest of the muscles in our body, our vocal and respiratory muscles are in need of strengthening and conditioning and start to perform better and better as we start to train them. Understanding the working of the voice and the design of your own body can offer tremendous insight into the current limitations of your voice. Practising the exercises regularly and consistently will allow you to progressively overcome those limitations. Besides, you will also learn to troubleshoot your own vocal problems and take reasonable steps to correct them.


Access information on breath and singing technique which is not typically addressed in a traditional format music lesson.

Most traditional singing lessons are structured around building repertoire and educating students on the theoretical and stylistic elements of their respective style. What this would not include is detailed information on how to care for the voice or how to develop the voice beyond singing stipulated pieces. The courses at Goalus do not subscribe to any genre/style of music. The focus is on building the singing voice by working on toning and conditioning the muscles used while singing. The students would ultimately be enabled to sing whatever they want to sing.

Goalus caters to your individual vocal goals. 

Courses are customisable and each client's background is carefully understood to cater to their needs and individual pace and goals. 




It was a fantastic experience learning about the intricacies of vocal techniques with Abhilasha. She’s very calm and composed in her teaching and eases into new concepts, always ensuring that you don’t feel overwhelmed at any point. So whether it’s breathing techniques, scale practice, it’s all taught in an easily digestible method. The best part about her method is her ability to prepare cues which you can understand quickly and learn better in the process. All the best to her endeavours with Goalus!



I thoroughly enjoy your classes. Worth every penny. u r a nutritionist for my voice!



I have always doubted my voice. But learning with Abhilasha has given me confidence and I can actually see the progress. Voice is a complicated instrument which most people don't try to understand, but once you really start to actually learn it's a whole new world. And learning with the right person makes all the difference. 
I'm really glad to explore my voice with Abhilasha.



My daughter recommended Abhilasha. I was taking vocal classes for more than 3 decades and I am yet to find a better singing teacher. I was initially a little sceptical due to her age but she more than makes up for it in her preparation and dedication to offer the best solutions. She has helped me understand my voice in a way I never did before. She systematically identified my problem areas and offered simple corrective exercises which helped me improve my singing (my range in particular). I would highly recommend the entire course. Every class is filled with deep learning.

Voice coach

Vocal coach

voice training.    vocal training.  improve singing. vocal teacher near me



Miss Abhilasha from goalusvoice is an excellent voice coach. She has extensive knowledge of global vocal techniques and follows a highly systematic approach for training the students. She has trained my 12 yr old daughter and was instrumental in building up her vocals, specially the low notes. She is very friendly and makes each session very interactive and engaging. It is very essential to give a proper knowledge of vocal techniques to the children before even putting them in any form of music and I think Abhilasha is the best person to lay the foundation for your child. Thank you goalusvoice🤘🏻



What can I say, Abhilasha ma’am has completely turned it around for Kabir :) 

I always wanted Kabir to learn an instrument but found it tough to induct him into it. After some trial & error with instrument learning, I was lucky enough to find Abhilasha ma’am on Instagram and thought of giving vocals a shot. To my surprise, Kabir loved her classes and started taking interest in music. Can’t say he is the best child vocal singer around but the fact that he wants to learn and continue with the classes is a big achievement in itself. Though he has a long way to go, he is making steady progress…all thanks to Abhilasha ma’am!!



"The music class has helped my daughter a lot. Abhilasha ma'am is always friendly and we love her joyful attitude ... My daughter has been learning a lot through the classes and she always enjoys the positive environment ma'am creates during the class."



I came across Abhilasha on Instagram through a common friend and I've always marveled at her ability to isolate singing nuances, as well as connect them holistically. 

She's right on point when it comes to identifying your singing limitations and through her classes, I've befriended my so-called limitations, sing in my most authentic voice and seen my singing improve multifold. 

I admire her singing ability. She sings effortlessly across genres. And above all, I thank her for going above and beyond to help me hone my skills. She's so enthusiastic about it all! 

Thank you, Abhilasha and Goalus Vocal. I'm grateful!