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study with goalus

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Complete Singer Toolkit

Weekly lessons to elevate your singing voice and give you in depth knowledge of your voice, your vocal limitations and a complete toolkit that will empower you to protect and grow your voice far beyond what you knew was possible! This includes work on developing body awareness, intensive focus on breath work, voice relaxation and strengthening exercises. 


Concise Vocal Solutions

Perfect for persons looking to address or find quick and targeted solutions for a specific vocal concern. Get in touch with me for a free consultation and find out if this program is suitable for you. Training lasts anywhere between 1-4 sessions.

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Founder, Goalus Vocal Studio

Goalus offers study options for every kind of voice user. Every option is designed to offer you, the student, maximum value and allow you to make the most of the time you spend with me. 

We begin with ascertaining the nature of your goals or vocal limitations or any other concerns that you have through a FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION.

You can also use the free 30 minute consultation to learn more about our specific courses and understand how you can work on your voice and elevate your singing and/or speaking voice!


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Breathwork for Singers

Our comprehensive breath-work course addresses many of the most common concerns that singers have- starting from vocal fatigue to problems around a restricted range, poor tone, breath control, poor intonation and instability in the voice. 

An extremely insightful course, singers are bound to benefit in virtually every area of their singing. Students shall leave with a renewed understanding of breathing and singing. 

12 sessions


Children's Western Vocals Lessons (Group)

Our classes are extremely fun and engaging. We work with children between the ages of 5-15. Children learn music theory, reading music, work on a carefully curated repertoire of songs, develop proper vocal technique and have a safe and encouraging space to express themselves and be creative.

2 times a week.

Groups of  upto 5

45 mins

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