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nuanced and thorough


1. Classes are one-on-one.

2. Former training is not necessary.

3. Training is applicable to all styles and genres of singing.

Who is it for?


1. For singers (of any level of proficiency) who are looking for deep, serious and long term engagement with their singing.

2. For beginners who want to improve their singing and learn how to get better.

Complete Singer Toolkit: Key Takeaways

01 Understand your instrument

02 Free, resonant, rich vocal tone

03 Pain free singing and speaking

04 A reliable and consistent voice

05 Develop a strong and wide vocal range

06 Deep insights into breath-work for singing

07 More vocal power and dynamic control over the voice

08 Better body awareness and posture

09 Learning how to trouble shoot and address your vocal concerns independently.

Program Contents

Mastering the Basics

The emphasis is on gently releasing tension from the vocal apparatus and retain relaxation and openness throughout the process of vocalisation by means of controlled breathing and heightened bodily awareness. You should feel significant relief from vocal fatigue and notice a remarkable improvement in vocal flow, endurance and power. You shall also learn to approach singing as a full body experience and learn to identify bodily cues to develop a dependable system wherein you know exactly what to expect vocally at any given period of time based on what you are feeling in your body. Emphasis shall also be placed on building a customised, reliable and effective warm up routine to prepare your voice for intensive use- a routine that fits your lifestyle.

Mastering your Voice

Once you have gained proficiency in producing voice without unnecessary tension in the body, you shall learn how to maximise openness during vocalisation for superior control and agility. You would also learn to produce a vast range of vocal 'colours'. This shall enable you to manipulate your voice and adapt to various styles of singing without fatigue. You shall learn to add body to your voice, improve range and agility and master breath control and resonance of your voice for dynamic and expressive singing. You shall also engage with the techniques covered in the first phase in a much deeper and nuanced way.


24 sessions or more. This course takes 6 months or more.

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