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Breath-work for vocalists

A 4- week intensive course on breathing, posture and vocal freedom

Key pointers:

  • Upcoming batch begins in Mid February, 2023.

  • Small groups of 2-5 participants per group.

  • Sessions are conducted once a week.

  • Classes will be held on weekends (mostly Saturdays). Timings to be locked based on mutual availability.

  • Each session will last for 1.5 hours.

  • Detailed session summaries will be provided.

If you wish to study this course with me one-on-one, reach out for more details.

Course Overview


(Breath-work for Vocalists)


Anybody who uses their voice intensively will benefit immensely from studying their breathing. It is a versatile and highly effective way of correcting several vocal problems. Regular practise of breathing techniques can allow the voice user to experience freedom and enjoy their voice like never before! It is a great tool that will help you overcome your unconscious habits and develop healthier reflexes with respect to your voice.


This course is constructed with the singer in mind but is equally beneficial to actors, teachers, trainers, radio and voice over artists and all other categories of vocalists.

Anatomy of


Strengthening and retraining respiratory muscles for breath support

Replace unconscious vocal habits with conscious, intentional habits

More dynamic control, fluidity and vocal power.

What will we study?

Developing vocal stamina and preventing vocal fatigue

Naturally deepening your breathing.

Singing with more relaxation and freedom

Exercises are simple yet very effective. Upon regular practise the student is likely to notice significant improvements in the following areas:
a. Feeling breathless while singing
b. Having a raspy, breathy voice.
c. Getting hoarse or experiencing vocal fatigue regularly
d. Shaky or unstable tone.
e. Lack of pitch precision.
f. Limited vocal range.
g. Feeling of strain, pulling while singing. Lack of freedom in singing.

and many many other areas.

Course fee: 3500/-

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