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Our method


1. Relaxation techniques and posture work

(inspired from the Alexander Technique)

2. Breath work

3. Vocal strengthening, relaxing and conditioning exercises

that work in tandem to retrain the body and bring out an elevated voice.


Students are encouraged to deeply observe their body and identify and unlearn unconscious habits that hinder the voice from feeling and sounding its best.

changing the narrative about singing

At Goalus, we approach singing as a dynamic and buildable skill. Often, too much importance is attributed to talent and people resist the idea that the vast majority of our bodies have the apparatus to sing and speak efficiently. Our bodies are designed to vocalise. 

At Goalus, voice users are enabled to tune into the body's natural design to unlock vocal freedom and control like never before. The act of singing and speaking is as much a science as it is an art and with the right training, a person's voice can be optimised much in the same way as an athlete optimises control, flexibility and strength through training. 


ABOUT Abhilasha Rudrabatla

Abhilasha is a vocalist with over 13 years of performing experience in Indian and Western music. She holds a special interest in vocal pedagogy and voice science and has spent the last few years studying the workings of the human voice and vocal techniques to prevent injury to the voice.


At the beginning of her professional singing career, despite close to a decade's worth of vocal training she struggled with poor vocal endurance and her voice would easily fatigue. However, her transformative experience with practicing these techniques regularly inspired her to start Goalus with the intention to help other vocalists and voice users like her to overcome their vocal struggles.


Having performed various styles of music such as Carnatic, Jazz, Ghazal, RnB, Rock, Blues, Folk, Bollywood among others, she understands the importance and the joy of having multiple vocal choices. Singers often place themselves in pigeonholes, not because they want to but because they think they can't have it all. With careful study however, the existing vocal apparatus can be trained to do magnificent things. Singing can and should transcend boundaries, especially those of the mind!


Divya RT is the founder of one of India's first voice training ventures "VoxCoach". With her nuanced understanding of the mechanism of singing combined with her scientific and spiritual approach to skill building, VoxCoach has benefited many many students, me included! Divya's methods are inspired from the approach of master vocal coach Eric Arceneaux, who incidentally started off my voice exploration journey too. I'm thrilled to have Divya's mentorship and support for Goalus Vocal Studio.

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